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Game Newage 是一家以海外市场为核心的多元化发展公司。公司拥有游戏制作团队及优化产品团队,各司其职。游戏制作团队致力于针对市场需要,研发创新的高品质游戏。优化产品团队通过对数据的分析并精准使用于优化当中,结合相应地区制定特色发展战略,提高产品收益。

NEWAGE的意義代表一切不同以往,象征时代更替、诠释精神内涵的改良都可归于此内,所以被命名为New Age,

GAME NEWAGE 的代表游戲的新紀元,以製作創新元素游戲為宗旨,致力製作創新和高品質游戲。


Game Newage is an overseas market as the core of the diversified development of the company. The company has Game production team and Optimize the product team, perform their duties. The game production team is committed to the needs of the market, the production of innovative high-quality games. Optimize the product team through the analysis of the data and accurately used in the optimization, combined with the corresponding regional development of the characteristics of the development strategy to improve product returns.

The meaning of NEWAGE represents all the differences in the past, a symbol of the times, the interpretation of the spirit of the meaning of the improvements can be attributed to this, it was named New Age,GAME NEWAGE represents the new era of the game to create innovative elements for the purpose of the game, committed to making innovative and high quality games.